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  1. DIN Style EEG Jumper Adapter for Linked Ears

    DIN Style EEG Jumper Adapter for Linked Ears

    For linked ear reference or for common reference. Allows one or two electrodes to be connected to one or two inputs. 1.5mm (.060). Learn More
  2. DIN EXtender Kit - 1.5mm DIN Connectors to snap leads

    One Channel 6' Shielded Extender Cable


    Single Channel DIN to DIN Shielded Extender Cable. 3 DIN Style Plugs to 3 (.060) Touchproof Jacks for EMG or EEG. Learn More
  3. Pocket Neurobics - Wiz Dongle

    Wireless Dongle Kit for Wiz Devices


    The wireless dongle is required by the PC to receive wireless signals from Wiz devices. Learn More
  4. Respiration Sensor with adapter for C2 Plus - MC3MY

    Respiration Sensor for C2 Plus - MC3MY with Adapter (Old Style)


    The J&J MC3MY is a magnetic respiration sensor for the I330 C-2 Plus and C-2 General Purpose. This Respiration sensor is designed for both the C2+ 12 channel and C2+ 6 channel systems. Learn More
  5. Tele-Infiniti Wireless Adaptor

    Tele-Infiniti Wireless Adaptor


    The Tele-Infiniti is a thumb sized telemetry unit attaches to the Encoder case and transmits data to 10+ meters (30+ feet). Learn More
  6. Tele-Infiniti Compact Flash Wireless Card

    Tele-Infiniti Compact Flash Wireless Card


    Tele-Infiniti CF (compact flash) is a telemetry option for Thought Technology ProComp5 Infiniti, ProComp Infiniti and FlexComp Infiniti encoders. The use of Tele-Infiniti CF eliminates the need for a fiber optic cable between the computer and the encoder. It is based on Bluetooth 2.0, Class I, with a range up to 300 ft (or 100 meters). Learn More
  7. Thought Technology TT-USB -PART# T7700

    ProComp Infiniti USB Adapter - TT-USB


    This USB adapter for the Thought Technology ProComp2, Procomp5 and Procomp8 Infiniti encoders and software. Connects to the fiber optic cable to optically isolate client from the computer. Part # T7700 Learn More
  8. Thought Technology Voltage Isolator 4

    Voltage Isolator 4


    The Voltage Isolator 4 Infiniti is an interface device which provides electrical isolation. It will allow Thought Technologys systems to be safely interfaced with analog outputs of line-powered systems, such as computers with DAC cards, isokinetic dynamometers, or force platforms. Learn More
  9. Voltage Isolator

    Voltage Isolator


    The Thought Technology T9405 voltage isolator is designed to accept voltage input from third party sensors or measurement devices that have an output of 0 to 2.0 Volts. Learn More
  10. Shielded DIN Input Extension Cable

    Shielded DIN Input Extension Cable


    5 DIN-style plugs 1.5 mm (.060) to 5 touch-proof jacks .Approximately 10 feet long. Works with any two channel 1.5mm DIN that requires an extension cable. Learn More

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