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BioGraph Infiniti 6.0 users upgrade to 6.1 for free!

Step 1. Download and install BioGraph Infiniti 6.1 Update

Download BioGraph Infiniti ver. 6.1 Update

BioGraph Infiniti 6.1 is compatible with Windows 8 / 10.

This free update is only for users who already have installed BioGraph Infiniti version 6.0. If you do not have BioGraph V6.0 installed on your computer, please DO NOT download! The installation won't proceed. Please contact us to purchase the BioGraph Infiniti 6.0 upgrade first.

Need BioGraph 6.0?

BioGraph Infiniti Software provides a multimedia rich graphical experience, while capturing and analyzing raw data. It also includes all the features and functions required to run Thought Technology's specialized Suites.

Buy BioGraph 6.0 Upgrade


Step 2. Download and install Suite Media Files Update

These updates are for users who have upgraded to BioGraph 6.1 and have either the Physiology or EEG Suite installed on their computers. The installation will quit if either Physiology/EEG Suite or BioGraph 6.1 is not detected on your computer.

Step 3. Download and install Suite Update for your specific encoder

New Features in BioGraph Infiniti 6.1

Redesigned DVD instrument

The DVD feedback instrument was rebuilt from scratch in order to make it completely independent of Microsoft Windows' audio video encoding tools (codecs) to improve its reliability and stability. Two new feedback actions were also added, for 'Brightness' and 'Saturation'.

HTML and PDF report formats

Previous versions of BioGraph required that Microsoft Word be installed on the computer in order to be able to generate reports, including session and trend reports. The clinician can now select to generate reports in HTML, which can be viewed in the default web browser, or PDF which can be viewed using the default PDF reader application.

Automatic Session Pause

A new option to automatically pause the session after a set period of time was added to increase the flexibility of open display sessions. With this function, you can easily define a trial-based session with breaks between periods of training.


New auto-scaling setting

A new auto-scale setting allows users to keep the feedback threshold in view, along with the signal. This is useful for clients who need to learn how to control the amplitude of muscle contractions and eliminates the need for the clinician to keep adjusting the scale manually.

Mute function on individual instruments

Now, many individual instruments can be muted to give clinicians even more control over their client's feedback experience.

Overall improvements

In order to improve our new users' out-of-the-box experience, new main screen menu items make online training videos and software updates only one click away.


New Features in BioGraph Developer Tools

New EMG biofeedback functionality

It is now possible to set a threshold value from a channel set’s local or global constant. This new capability is useful when the threshold value needs to be saved for review or when the same threshold value is used for feedback and channel set calculations.

Multi-level thresholds on the Z-Score instrument

The Z-Score instrument can be set with multiple thresholds to improve visual feedback and give the clinician clearer indications of outlier Z-Score metrics.

Large font option for graphic instruments

Sometimes, the client is far enough away from the monitor screen that he has difficulty seeing the numbers on line graph scales. The “Large Font” option allows screen designers to anticipate this problem and provide maximum visibility when it is required.


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