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  Starter   Basic   Best Value  
  $1,850   $2,345   $2,399  
ProComp2 Encoder      
Infiniti v6 Software      
Infiniti EEG Suite      
Monopolar/Bipolar EEG Electrode Kit      
Developer Tools Software      
Fiber Optic Cable      
TT-USB Adapter      
USB Cable      
Protective Carrying Case      
Ten20 Conductive Paste Sample Size   Sample Size   3 Pack of Tubes  
Nuprep Skin Prep Gel Sample Size   Sample Size   3 Pack of Tubes  
Online Training 1 Hour FREE   1 Hour Free   2 Hours FREE  
EEG-Z Impedance Sensor Kit     Included   Included  
FREE Advanced Replacement Protection         Included  
FREE Custom EEG Screen Add-on Pack         Included  
FREE 2nd Day Shipping         Included  
Loyalty Discount on Future Purchases         5% Discount  
Extended Technical Support         Included  
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