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EMG & Incontinence

  1. Thought Technology Myotrac sEMG biofeedback device

    MyoTrac Electromyograph


    The Myotrac EMG is a single channel, palm-sized, battery operated sEMG trainer. Ideal for clinical assessment as well as for self-training. Learn More
  2. Aware EMG Dual Muscle Monitor

    Aware EMG Dual Muscle Monitor


    The Aware EMG is a wireless, wearable instrument for real-time monitoring of two muscle sites. When employed on a stand-alone basis, the Aware EMG is used primarily for pelvic floor rehabilitation (PFR), but can also be used for musculoskeletal rehab. Learn More
  3. Aware EMG Dual Muscle Monitor

    Aware PFS Pelvic Floor Stimulator


    The Aware is a pelvic floor stimulator for use in treating urge, stress and mixed urinary incontinence (UI). Learn More
  4. U-Control sEMG

    U-Control sEMG


    Single channel, battery operated, portable, shirt pocket size sEMG monitor. Offers both visual and audio feedback as well as an easy to set threshold. The U-Control is the perfect portable sEMG monitor for training muscle activity including pelvic floor. (No cables or leads included - must be purchased separately)) Learn More
  5. Myotrac Infiniti - TTL T9860

    MyoTrac Infiniti 2 Channel sEMG (no Stim) 60Hz


    MyoTrac Infiniti two channel stand alone sEMG monitor. Learn More
  6. Myotrac Infiniti - TTL T9800

    MyoTrac Infiniti sEMG + Stim


    The MyoTrac Infiniti system is a 2 channel sEMG, sEMG Triggered Stim and stim device. Learn More

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