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Discovery / Nexus / Deymed / Mitsar EEG Aquisition - [NGA]

Applied Neurosciences ANI MSEEGACQ

Discovery / Nexus / Deymed / Mitsar EEG Aquisition - [NGA]

$ 1,000.00

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NeuroGuide Acquisition (Stand alone EEG acquisition - useful for Satellite clinics - not necessary to purchase NG Deluxe. Includes collection of EEG, import of .NG, .EDF & Text files, re-montage, save and print, marking of traces, color and polarity control of traces (No qEEG or editing). Also provides EEG biofeedback capability with purchase of NF1 and/or NF2 (see NGA + NF1 and/or NF2).
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