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Biofeedback Systems

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  1. ProComp Infiniti - 8 Channel Biofeedback & Neurofeedback System v5.1

    ProComp Infiniti - 8 Channel Biofeedback & Neurofeedback System v6.0


    The ProComp Infiniti is an 8 channel, biofeedback and neurofeedback system with the power needed for real-time data acquisition in any clinical or educational setting. Learn More
  2. I-330-C2 Plus Clinical System

    I-330-C2 Plus Clinical System Package


    The I-330 C2 monitors and records up to 12 channels of physiological activity - 4 available for sEMG/EEG or ECG with the remaining channels dedicated to temperature, heart rate, respiration and skin resistance. 12 channel C2+ System from J&J. Learn More
  3. emWave Pro

    emWave Pro for PC or MAC

    $299.00 Click for price

    emWave Pro is a scientifically validated hardware/software system that teaches techniques to help you create an optimal state in which the heart, mind and emotions are operating in-sync and balanced. This is achieved through a patented process which displays heart rhythm patterns in real time showing you when you are in this high performance state. We call this coherence. Great for home use biofeedback. Learn More
  4. Myotrac Infiniti - TTL T9860

    MyoTrac Infiniti 2 Channel sEMG (no Stim) 60Hz


    MyoTrac Infiniti two channel stand alone sEMG monitor. Learn More
  5. Myotrac Infiniti - TTL T9800

    MyoTrac Infiniti sEMG + Stim


    The MyoTrac Infiniti system is a 2 channel sEMG, sEMG Triggered Stim and stim device. Learn More
  6. ProComp2  with v6.0 Infiniti Software

    ProComp2 with v6.0 Infiniti Software


    The ProComp2 (T7400C) is a compact yet powerful 2 channel biofeedback / neurofeedback system. You can monitor and record simultaneously using the BioGraph Infiniti software. Learn More
  7. ProComp5 Infiniti - 5 Channel System

    ProComp5 Infiniti - 5 Channel System


    The ProComp5 Infiniti measures up to five channels of your choice for both neurofeedback and biofeedback training. Learn More
  8. ON

    Stress Control System - ProComp2 with Stress Control Suite, Sensors and Biograph Infiniti Software

    Regular Price: $2,355.00

    Special Price $2,299.00

    Comprehensive stress control system designed to be easy to use. Classic protocols and objective measures to teach your clients stress control and relaxation skills. Learn More
  9. Flexcomp Infiniti 10 Channel System

    FlexComp Infiniti - 10 Channel System


    The FlexComp Infiniti is an ideal physiological monitoring and data acquisition for power users. The FlexComp offers 10 high-speed channels (2048 samples/sec.) with 14 bits of resolution (1 part in 16364) and can acquire data from any Thought Technology sensor. The FlexComp Infiniti system comes with EEG, Physiology, Rehab and the DynaMap Suites v6.0 . Learn More
  10. Thought Technology Myotrac sEMG biofeedback device

    MyoTrac Electromyograph


    The Myotrac EMG is a single channel, palm-sized, battery operated sEMG trainer. Ideal for clinical assessment as well as for self-training. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 28 total

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