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Used Pro Systems

  1. Lexicor NeuroSearch 24 - NRS24

    Used Lexicor NRS24


    Used Lexicor NRS24 and with headbox. No software. Cables included. Learn More
  2. Oasis Pro CES Device

    Used Oasis Pro CES Device

    Regular Price: $375.00

    Special Price $337.50

    The Oasis Pro can be used to help boost mood, improve sleep, reduce stress and improve mental sharpness. The Oasis Pro is an innovative, high-quality Cranio-Electo Stimulation (CES) device. Learn More
  3. Used Modular I330

    Used Modular I330

    Regular Price: $350.00

    Special Price $315.00

    Used biofeedback system with no software. I330 Modular original system. Will work with original USE 3, Datatrack, Biotrac or Bionetica. Modules not included. Learn More
  4. Used Innova 2 Channel EMG Hardware

    Used Innova 2 Channel EMG Hardware


    Used Innova 2 Channel EMG hardware. Software and leads not included. Great back up unit. Learn More
  5. WaverRider JR

    Used WaveRider JR 2cx (60 hz)

    Regular Price: $550.00

    Special Price $495.00

    The used WaveRider 2cx offers 2 low-noise multi-modality channels for monitoring brainwave EEG, Heart Rate or sEMG muscle activity. A third channel is dedicated the GSR/skin resistance signal. Learn More

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