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Used Pro Systems

  1. Lexicor NeuroSearch 24 - NRS24

    Used Lexicor NRS24


    Used Lexicor NRS24 and with headbox. No software. Cables included. Learn More
  2. Oasis Pro CES Device

    Used Oasis Pro CES Device


    The Oasis Pro can be used to help boost mood, improve sleep, reduce stress and improve mental sharpness. The Oasis Pro is an innovative, high-quality Cranio-Electo Stimulation (CES) device. Learn More
  3. Used Modular I330

    Used Modular I330


    Used biofeedback system with no software. I330 Modular original system. Will work with original USE 3, Datatrack, Biotrac or Bionetica. Modules not included. Learn More
  4. Used Innova 2 Channel EMG Hardware

    Used Innova 2 Channel EMG Hardware


    Used Innova 2 Channel EMG hardware. Software and leads not included. Great back up unit. Learn More
  5. WaverRider JR

    Used WaveRider JR 2cx (60 hz)


    The used WaveRider 2cx offers 2 low-noise multi-modality channels for monitoring brainwave EEG, Heart Rate or sEMG muscle activity. A third channel is dedicated the GSR/skin resistance signal. Learn More

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