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    Tropical Heat - Jet Ski Racing game for Cygnet


    What is more relaxing? Vacationing in a tropical island paradise or playing a biofeedback game? Most often sitting at the computer is not as relaxing as basking in the warm sun with a cold drink, but with Tropical Heat Jet Ski Racing, an incredible new game experience from Somatic Vision, you get the best of both. Learn More
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    Particle Editor for Cygnet


    The 3rd Version of the Particle Editor Game. Particle Editor for Cygnet allows virtually limitless design possibilities. Activate feedback elements from Cygnet to control the dancing particles and make them move into new shapes and patterns. Learn More
  3. Dreamscapes Cygnet

    Dreamscapes for Cygnet


    Environment and Minigame pack for Cygnet. Watch and interact with beautiful new environments or use the gamepad to play mini games or get creative. Learn More
  4. Toy Train Adventures for Cygnet

    Toy Train Adventures for Cygnet


    Collect all of the gems in this colorful and playful new game.The array of colorful gems and playful experience will be exciting to even your most challenging autistic clients. Learn More
  5. Advanced Media Player for Cygnet

    Advanced Media Player for Cygnet


    Advanced Media Player is a video and DVD feedback option available only for Cygnet. It works with infra-low training frequencies, and includes discrete feedback for reward and inhibit information. Learn More
  6. Alpha-Theta Reflections for Cygnet

    Alpha-Theta Reflections for Cygnet


    Alpha Theta Reflections increases the effectiveness and audio quality of Alpha Theta training with cleaner sounds, new linear reward feedback, new Delta inhibit sleep feedback and more. Learn More
  7. Dual Drive Xtreme for Bioexplorer or Cygnet

    Dual Drive Xtreme for Bioexplorer or Cygnet


    3D race car feedback for BioExplorer & Cygnet software. Learn More
  8.  Inner Tube for BioExplorer (software)

    Inner Tube for BioExplorer or Cygnet


    BioExplorer or Cygnet version of the Inner Tube Game. 3D game play is seamlessly integrated with physiological readings from the body. Learn More
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    Inner Tube Expansion Pack for Cygnet


    InnerTube Expansion Features Music from World Renowned Composer James Hood (Expansion pack available for customers who have already purchased the full version of InnerTube). Learn More
  10. Hyper Pong for BioExplorer or Cygnet

    Hyper Pong for BioExplorer or Cygnet


    A new Breakout style game offers a fast paced alternative for BioExplorer feedback. Learn More

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