Retrain your brain with AVE – Dave Siever on Voice America

Dave Siever is a pioneer in the world of neurotechnology — brain training equipment. Listen to how using a small device not much larger than a smartphone and requires you only to put on glasses and headphones, can help different aspects of brain function. Hear some of the amazing research that offers this easy technology as an alternative to medication and even psychotherapy for conditions like PTSD, ADHD, and even concussion and brain injury.

Improving Sports Performance in Young Athletes (with AVE)

brain gym ave

“Another wonderful instrument that I use with my young athletes is the OASIS Pro with tCDs; I use it to improve motor skills among other skills.  After a few applications, the gross and fine motor skills are improved.  The parents and the coaches start noticing how the athletes improve their performance after completing a full visual performance training combined with AVE and tCDs techniques as part of a specialized visual training.”

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Audio Visual Entrainment (Light & Sound Therapy) in the News

Here are some news clips of AVE (Audio-Visual Entrainment) or light and sound therapy, is a non-drug therapy for reducing the symptoms of anxiety, stress and pain. This novel technique employs flashing lights and pulsing tones at specific brain wave frequencies, which enhance brain activity, increase cerebral blood flow and calm the mind.

Non-drug therapy for treating anxiety, stress and pain

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