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  1. PrecisionGlide Blunted Needles for Electro-Caps - 100 pack
    Blunted Needles for Electro-Caps - 100 package (16g) (sterile). 16G x3/4 Blunt square grind (1.6mm x 19mm) Sterile. Made in the USA - manufacturer part # 301692 Learn More
  2. Orange Sticks 100 package
    Orange Sticks 100 package (E26) Recommended for removing gel build-up from electrode disks and mounts. Learn More
  3. Electro-cap for Deymed TruScan
    Electro-cap specifically set-up for use with Deymed units. The Deymed style Electro-Caps are an EEG electrode application technique that include leads for short EEG ear clips attached to the cap. Learn More
    As low as $450.00
  4. MetriCide - Electro-Cap Sterilizing Solution - Quart
    A cold sterilizing soaking solution recommended for disinfecting Electro-Caps. It requires no dilution, and will not damage cap fabric or the electrodes. One quart size. Learn More
  5. Electrode Board Adapter
    Electrode Board Adapter (E2S) (1.5mm DIN Sockets)for individual DIN connections. The Electrode Board Adapter converts the EEG instrument from individual electrodes to the Electro-Cap. Adapts to allow caps to work with a variety of multi-channel EEG monitors. Learn More
  6. 3M Coban Tape - 1 inch x 5 yard - Latex Free - 5 pack
    Coban tape is a self-adherent elastic wrap that functions like a tape, but sticks only to itself. Self-Adherent Wrap, Non-sterile,Latex Free, Tan. 5 rolls per package. Learn More
  7. Infa-Head Measuring Tape
    Infa-Head Measuring Tape (part# I3)- Special color-coded Head Measuring Tape used to determine proper cap size quickly and effectively. Color-coding coincides with cap colors. Learn More
  8. Infa-Cap I from Electro-Cap
    Infa-Cap I (42-46 cm) (Blue) - This cap has International 10-20 electrode placements. Infa-Caps are similar to the regular Electro-Caps. These caps will fit newborn infants to babies about the age of 9 to 12 months. Learn More
  9. Myoscan sEMG Sensor for FlexComp/Myotrac
    The SA9503M surface EMG sensor consists of a triangular shape sensor head (SA9503M) with 3 snap style receptacles representing 2 active (positive & negative) electrodes and 1 reference (ground) electrode. Learn More
  10. 1M4F Y-Connector
    The SA9315-4 is a Y CONNECTOR CABLE - 1 Male DIN to 4 Female Y connector. Connects a single electrode to four inputs. Learn More
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