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Steridol Wipes. 3-in-1 Clean, Disinfect, and Sanitize


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  1. Mindfield eSense Temperature - Temperature sensor for iPhone & Android
    100% of 100
    The eSense Temperature is a small sensor for measuring your skin temperature with the microphone input of your smartphone or tablet (Android or Apple iOS.). Learn More
  2. EEG Protocol Guide
    Sue Othmer's protocol guide is intended for clinicians who already have some training and experience with neurofeedback and will assist in the decision-making process. 141-page spiral-bound booklet. Learn More
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  3. emWave Desktop USB Sensor Module
    The emWave Desktop USB Sensor Module powers either an Ear or Finger Sensor and interprets the data going to the software program. Compatible with emWave Mac v1.0 or emWave PC v1.0.6 or above. Learn More
  4. Pendant EEG Short Electrode Kit
    This electrode kit is particular to the Pendant EEG - it has short (24" & 15") electrode leads most convenient for the Pendant which is often connected around the neck. Kit includes 5 scalp electrodes, 3 ear clip electrodes, 1 link for linked ear montage, and a tube of Ten 20 Conductive Paste. Electrodes are high purity tin for long life. Learn More
  5. Atlantis II - 4 Channel EEG Cable
    The Brainmaster 381009 cable allows for 4 channels of EEG training with one lead. Learn More
  6. Atlantis EEG 2 Channel Cable
    Atlantis Input Cable 48 inches in length. For use with Brainmaster Atlantis EEG system. BTI 381006 Learn More
  7. DC EEG 2 Channel Connectivity Kit
    The Thought Technology T8785 - DC EEG 2 Channel Connectivity Kit allows users to make two-channel measurements with common ground and reference- required when working with two-channel DC or low frequency EEG protocols. Learn More
  8. emWave Desktop USB Hardware Kit
    emWave Desktop sensor module, ear sensor, and finger sensor. For use with emWave PC software (not included). Compatible with emWave PC v1.0.6 or higher and emWave Mac. Learn More
  9. Upgrade from a GSR2 to a GSR/Temp2X
    The T2125M upgrade from GSR2 to GSR/Temp2X is for people who already have a GSR2. Learn More
  10. Used J&J M501 Module for I-330
    M501 EMG Module for older J&J I330 units. Learn More
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