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  1. BrainMaster MiniQ Switch Box
    For use with the BrainMaster 2E. Take multiple electrode readings without errors, changing electrodes, or moving pins. Easy to use for small EEG assessments. offering an alternative to manual assessments. Learn More
  2. Neurofield CanBUS USB Adapter
    Neurofield USB that connects any of the boxes to the computer. Only one is needed per system.. Learn More
  3. Laptop-Notebook Computer
    Laptop computer with Windows for biofeedback or neurofeedback data acquisition systems. Learn More
  4. Thermosonic Gel Warmer - 3 Bottle-120V
    NEW three bottle gel warmer warms ultrasound to 3 different temperatures. Low (97F), Med (102F) and High (109F). Fits (3) 0.25 liter bottles. Durable wall mountable construction, with warranty. Available in 120V and 230V. Learn More
  5. Desktop Computer
    Desktop computer for biofeedback and neurofeedback data acquisition systems. Learn More
  6. Neurofield Cap
    Neurofield Cap for placing coils on head. Learn More
  7. Dual Inclino Trac
    Dual-InclinoTrac is a dual inclinometer that measures relative angle (between back and head, for instance). Ideal choice for Range Of Motion assessment. Learn More
  8. Respiration Sensor for C2 Plus - MC3MY with Adapter (Old Style)
    The J&J MC3MY is a magnetic respiration sensor for the I330 C-2 Plus and C-2 General Purpose. This Respiration sensor is designed for both the C2+ 12 channel and C2+ 6 channel systems. Learn More
  9. Temperature / EDR Cable for J&J C2+ with Adapter (Old Style)
    Temperature and GSR cable for J&J Engineering systems. Includes adapter to plug in additional sensor. If you are not sure if you need the adapter please call. Learn More
  10. Bend Sensor with Adapter - SA9550
    Bend Sensor is small enough to be placed on fingers and wrists to monitor joint motion. 180 degrees of flexion. Use sensors back to back to get a 360 degree range. Learn More
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