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  1. Disposable Rhythmlink 10/20 Template Cap
    The Rhythmlink EEG placement cap template is intended to serve as an accessory in the recording of the Electroencephalography [EEG], Evoked Potentials [EP] or as a Ground or Reference in an EEG or EP recording. This device is provided non-sterile for Single Patient Use Only. Learn More
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  2. Syringes for Blunted Needles - 10mL
    10cc/mL Syringe (sterile). Sold individually. For use with blunted needles for Electro-Caps. Works great for EEG Electro-gel. Larger size for less refilling of the syringe. Learn More
  3. DIN Style EEG Jumper Adapter for Linked Ears
    For linked ear reference or for common reference. Allows one or two electrodes to be connected to one or two inputs. 1.5mm (.060). Learn More
  4. Retractable Head Measuring Tape
    EEG Head Tape Measure with centimeters and inches for fitting WaveGuard Caps. Part # ANT XC-117 Learn More
  5. GSR Quick Clips (Pack of 2)
    These plastic molded GSR finger clips with sintered Silver/Silver Chloride (Ag/AhCl) electrodes make it quick and easy to start recording GSR signals. Consistent pressure is applied for a cleaner signal. No more itchy hook and loop finger bands that come loose or slip off. Learn More
  6. Disposable Sponge Disks for Electro-Caps
    Disposable Sponge Disks for Electro-Caps (pkg. of 100) Part # E6. Foam circles with adhesive backing used on the forehead or on any other hairless areas. The sponge disks are approx 1 1/4 inch round and the center hole is a bit bigger than 1/4 inch. Learn More
  7. Electro-Cap 3 1/2" DIN Ear Clips
    Specially designed ear clips typically used with Lexicor style Electro-cap with ear leads. 3 1/2 inch DIN Style EEG ear clips. For Lexicor style Electro-caps with ear leads. Standard 1.5mm DIN socket. This short ear lead plugs into the DIN socket on the cap. Learn More
  8. 2M1F Y-Connector - DIN Style
    The Thought Technology SA9319 - 2 Male DIN to 1 Female Y-Connector connects two electrodes to a single input. Learn More
  9. SA9315 - Y-Connector
    The SA9315 connects a single electrode to two inputs. Allows use of the same electrode in two channels for common ground or reference. 1 Male DIN connection to 2 Female DIN. Learn More
  10. Replacement Silicone Ring for WaveGuard Cap
    Replacement Silicone Ring for WaveGuard Cap Learn More
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