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  1. Electro-Cap System I for QEEG
    The Electro-Cap System makes QEEG preparation fast and easy. No individual electrode placements. No more plugging in individual electrodes. Electro-Cap System I comes with all of the basic accessories required for preparation of quantitative EEG. Lexicor / Neurofield Style EEG caps require ear lead attachments. Learn More
    As low as $538.02
  2. 1089 MKIII Checktrode Impedance Meter
    The 1089 Mark III EEG impedance meter provides quick and easy evaluation of total electrode contact impedance and offset voltage between two electrodes. Learn More
    Now Only $629.10 Regular Price $699.00
  3. 1089ES Checktrode Impedance Meter
    The UFI 1089ES all you to rapidly check applied electrode contact impedance of multiple electrode configurations. Ideal for electrode configurations found in Cranial EEG caps. Has 25 pin connector for Electro-Cap 19 channel cap connection. Learn More
    Now Only $764.10 Regular Price $849.00
  4. TT-pIR Headgear & Mini-Suite Software
    The TT-pIR Mini-Suite (T2600) offers a set of clinical tools which allow you to monitor, train and follow-up on your client's success with frontal pIR training. It can be used with the FlexComp Infiniti, ProComp Infiniti, ProComp 5 Infiniti and ProComp 2 devices with Biograph Infiniti Software. Learn More
    Now Only $675.00 Regular Price $750.00
  5. Electro-cap for EVOKE eVox System
    Electro-caps save time in the acquisition process of multi-channel EEG. The Electro-caps are easy to use and can be quickly connected for recording. 90 day warranty. Learn More
    As low as $528.22
  6. Voltage Isolator 4
    The Voltage Isolator 4 Infiniti is an interface device which provides electrical isolation. It will allow Thought Technologys systems to be safely interfaced with analog outputs of line-powered systems, such as computers with DAC cards, isokinetic dynamometers, or force platforms. Learn More
    Now Only $540.00 Regular Price $600.00
    PSYTASK is software for visual/auditory stimuli presentation and psychophysiology investigations. Learn More
    Now Only $637.00 Regular Price $650.00
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