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  1. WaveGuard Connect 19 Channel Cap System I
    WaveGuard Connect's exceptional comfort and quality combined with all of the basic accessories you need for preparing a QEEG. Includes all the necessary supplies and a medium cap covering approximately 80% of head sizes. Learn More
    Now Only $414.00 Regular Price $460.00
  2. 1089 MKIII Checktrode Impedance Meter
    The 1089 Mark III EEG impedance meter provides quick and easy evaluation of total electrode contact impedance and offset voltage between two electrodes. Learn More
    Now Only $479.70 Regular Price $533.00
  3. Electro-cap for Deymed TruScan
    Electro-cap specifically set-up for use with Deymed units. The Deymed style Electro-Caps are an EEG electrode application technique that include leads for short EEG ear clips attached to the cap. Learn More
    As low as $441.00
  4. Pro SB Converter / RS232
    The SA8950 is the component that the fiber optic cables uses to connect to the serial port for the ProComp+ encoder or Procomp 2 system. Learn More
    Now Only $450.00 Regular Price $500.00
  5. Used 1089NP Checktrode Impedance Meter
    The UFI 1089NP all you to rapidly check applied electrode contact impedance of multiple electrode configurations. Ideal for electrode configurations found in Cranial EEG caps. Has 25 pin connector for Electro-Cap 19 channel cap connection. Learn More
  6. EEG-Z3 Sensor
    EEG-Z3 is a pre-amplified electroencephalograph sensor with built in impedance checking and 3 modes of operation: regular EEG mode (above 2 Hz), low frequency mode (above 0.01 Hz) for evoked potentials (EP) and low frequency applications and DC mode for true DC operation (above 0 Hz) for slow cortical potentials (SCP). Learn More
    Now Only $445.50 Regular Price $495.00
  7. Used Active EEG 2-Channel Amplifier
    This 2 channel Active EEG switch box amplifier minimizes movement artifacts as well as 50Hz and 60Hz noise artifacts. Includes Active lead wires. Learn More
    Now Only $416.50 Regular Price $425.00
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