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  1. Rectal Sensor - Single User
    The Thought Technology Rectal sensor is for single patient use; compatible with most sEMG style monitor cables (may require adaptor). Part # T6051 Learn More
  2. Vaginal Sensor - Single User
    The Thought Technology Vaginal sensor (T6050) are uniquely designed vaginal sensors that are remarkably comfortable, durable and reusable. The self-seating T-bar design and longitudinal sensor plates insure better placement and superior long term results. Single patient use. Learn More
  3. Vaginal Sensors - Stim & EMG
    These electrodes are used vaginally to stimulate or sense the pelvic floor muscles. Learn More
  4. Wireless Dongle Kit for Wiz Devices
    The wireless dongle is required by the PC to receive wireless signals from Wiz devices. Learn More
  5. Battery Pack for Myotrac Infiniti
    Replacement battery pack for the Thought Technology Myotrac Infiniti and Myotrac Infiniti U-Control. Learn More
  6. Keyspan USB High Speed Serial Adapter
    Connect your serial devices to a USB port on your PC. The Keyspan USB adapter can be used with modems, digital cameras, ISDN terminal adapters, graphics tablets, PDAs, bar code scanners, label printers and other serial devices that require an RS-232 connection. Learn More
  7. AT Series Rechargeable Batteries
    Specially designed custom C cell Nickel Cadmium batteries. encased in a plastic tube housing. Fits all Autogenics AT series monitors. For AT-42, AT-33 and AT-64 . 4 batteries per tube. Learn More
  8. 50-Watt Foreign Travel Voltage Converter
    Converts 220/240VAC foreign electricity to standard U.S. 110/120VAC. For use with small electronic or motorized appliances rated up to 50 watts. For use with Brainmaster 2E chargers. Learn More
  9. BrainMaster Basic Battery Rescue Kit
    Provides a ready means to operate a BrainMaster 2E Module (SN 1600 and above) from an external 9V battery. Learn More
  10. DB37 Adapter for UFI 1089ES
    37 Pin adapter for the 1089ES 19 Channel Impedance Meter. Learn More
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