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EEG Cap Accessories

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  1. EEG Blunt Needle & Syringe Kit - 2 needles 1 syringe
    Needle / Syringe Kit (2-16g blunted needles; 1 syringe) (sterile). Learn More
  2. Syringes for Blunted Needles
    5cc Syringe(sterile). Sold individually. For use with blunted needles for Electro-Caps. Learn More
  3. Tin Disc Cup Electrode
    E21-9S Disc Electrode 9mm Cup with 1.5mm DIN connector. A pure tin eeg cup electrode with a 48" (122 cm) lead wire. For use with Electro-Caps, Smart Brain Games and other systems that use tin ear electrodes. Learn More
  4. E4S Electro-Cap Quick Insert Electrode
    The E4S Quick insert electrode is a temporary electrode which will override the cap wiring in the event of a faulty electrode during a test. A Quick Insert Electrode may be placed into the mount of the faulty electrode and connected directly to the EEG machine until the cap can be properly repaired. Learn More
  5. EEG Lead Clips - 2 Pack
    Easy to use EEG lead clips that help secure your EEG leads to your patient's garment and keep the weight of the cables off the electrode leads. Learn More
  6. MetriCide - Electro-Cap Sterilizing Solution - Quart
    A cold sterilizing soaking solution recommended for disinfecting Electro-Caps. It requires no dilution, and will not damage cap fabric or the electrodes. One quart size. Learn More
  7. Orange Sticks 100 package
    Orange Sticks 100 package (E26) Recommended for removing gel build-up from electrode disks and mounts. Learn More
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