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EEG Caps

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  1. WaveGuard Connect - 19 Channel EEG Cap
    70% of 100
    WaveGuard Connect’s exceptional comfort is achieved through the use of soft silicone electrode cups instead of the hard, uncomfortable plastic cups that are commonly used in competing caps Learn More
    As low as $359.10
  2. Electro-Caps - 19 Channel EEG

    Electro-caps save time in the acquisition process of multi-channel EEG. The Electro-caps are easy to use and can be quickly connected for recording. 90 day warranty.

    Learn More
    As low as $352.80
  3. WaveGuard Connect 19 Channel Cap System I
    WaveGuard Connect's exceptional comfort and quality combined with all of the basic accessories you need for preparing a QEEG. Includes all the necessary supplies and a medium cap covering approximately 80% of head sizes. Learn More
    Now Only $459.00 Regular Price $510.00
  4. 10/20 BraiNet Placement Caps
    Color-coded template with 21 scalp electrode placement locations. Designed to aid in rapid, accurate placement of full 10/20 system of scalp electrode placement. Learn More

    Starting at $60.30

  5. Electro-cap for Deymed TruScan
    Electro-cap specifically set-up for use with Deymed units. The Deymed style Electro-Caps are an EEG electrode application technique that include leads for short EEG ear clips attached to the cap. Learn More
    As low as $441.00
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