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Used Accessories

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  1. Used Tele-Infiniti Wireless Adaptor
    The Tele-Infiniti is a thumb sized telemetry unit attaches to the Encoder case and transmits data to 10+ meters (30+ feet). Learn More
  2. Used EEG-Z Impedance Sensor - SA9305Z
    The Procomp Infiniti EEG-Z Impedance Sensor(T9305Z) with DIN (T8740) can be used for both Neurofeedback training and also works as an impedance meter. The EEG-Z works with the Flexcomp, Procomp Infiniti,Procomp2 or Procomp5 biofeedback / neurofeedback systems. Learn More
  3. Used Heart Rate/BVP Sensor
    Used ProComp+ Heart Rate/BVP cable is 48 inch (122.5 cm) in length and is terminated in a small plastic enclosure which houses both the Photodetector and LED. Learn More
  4. Used EMG Sensor for FlexComp/Myotrac
    The used SA9503M surface EMG sensor consists of a triangular shape sensor head (SA9503M) with 3 snap style receptacles representing 2 active (positive & negative) electrodes and 1 reference (ground) electrode. Learn More
  5. Used Skin Conductance Sensor
    Used Fingertip skin conductance sensor for Thought Technology ProComp 2, ProComp+ and Infiniti units. Learn More
  6. Used Temperature Sensor
    ProComp Infiniti (SA9310M) Temperature Sensor has a bead tip and is a Protected Pin style with a 4 pin barrel connector which slides into a receptacle located on a Thought Technology Encoder. Learn More
  7. Used T9305M Infiniti EEG Sensor
    EEG Sensor for use with Thought Technology Procomp Infiniti, Procomp+ or Procomp 2. Learn More
  8. Used MyoScan-Pro v2 sEMG Sensor
    The Myoscan-Pro V2 consists of 3 snap style receptacles - 2 active (positive & negative) and 1 reference (ground). Includes cable that connects the Sensor Head to the ProComp encoder. Operates in 60Hz environment. Warranty included - 6 Months. Learn More
  9. Used ProComp Infiniti USB Adapter - TT-USB
    This USB adapter for the Thought Technology ProComp2, Procomp5 and Procomp8 Infiniti encoders and software. Learn More
  10. Used Thought Technology ECG/EKG Sensor with Wrist Straps
    The T9307M is an EKG Sensor with wrist straps for use with the Thought Technology pre-amplified electrocardiograph (ECG/EKG) sensor (T9306M) for the Procomp Infiniti Systems or Procomp+. Used for directly measuring electrical activity of the heart. For easy wrist to wrist connection. Learn More
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