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Ambu BlueSensor P Disposable Surface Ag/AgCl 50pkg

  • Highly conductive wet gel
  • Comfortable foam backing
  • Unique offset connector
  • High-quality Ag/AgCl sensor
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The small Ambu BlueSensor P features highly conductive wet gel, offset connector and superior adhesion to ensure optimal signal quality during short-to medium-term applications. It can be used on adults and children. Thanks to the comfortable foam backing material, the electrode is easy to use and gentle to the skin.

Offset connector mitigates the impact on signal quality from external forces like pulling of lead wires and pressure on electrodes. Offset connector allows the user to connect and disconnect the lead wire without applying pressure to the patient or the sensor area, which reduces the risk of gel spreading and adhesive detachment from skin.

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Ambu BlueSensor P Data Sheet