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Now is the perfect time for home-use devices. With everyone stuck at home, anxiety levels are high right now. Don't let the inability to see a practitioner in-office keep you from getting anxiety and stress reduction solutions. We've ranked these devices based on their level of complexity to help choose the right device for you.

Simple Devices

These simple devices are are stand-alone, and do not hook-up to a computer or smart-phone. They generally have only one or two uncomplicated functions, and use simple displays and audio to relay information.

Intermediate Devices

These devices are intermediately complex. They offer multiple sessions and user settings, and offer richer audio and visual feedback.

Advanced Devices

Advanced devices offer the most options for more tech-savvy users. These feature smart-phone integration, performance tracking, and raw-data outputting for clinical review.

  1. eSense Skin Response
    Mindfield eSense Skin Response - GSR sensor for iPhone & Android
    As low as $109.00