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BioExplorer Tutorial

  • Excellent complement to BioExplorer's built-in Help menu
  • Practical, hands-on lessons
  • Learn menus, file management, design, more
  • 100+ pages of interlinked HTML for easy cross-referencing
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A complete BASICS of BIOEXPLORER manual, updated to version 1.4 Beta of the software. Over 100 pages of interlinked HTML for easy cross-referencing, this user's manual is an excellent complement to BioExplorer's built-in Help menu.

With BioExplorer open, the reader is guided through the learning and practice of file management, menus, object properties, signal diagram, statistical reports and audio objects with 3 video tutorials. Price includes any future updates to the manual.

This tutorial is designed for professionals or home users of one of the principal softwares available for biofeedback training who want to understand both the technical aspects of the software as well as how the software's options pertain to the biofeedback dynamic.  The end goal is to be capable of developing personalized training screens and modifying standardized standardized screens, both of biofeedback as well as creative purposes.

There are seven stages which guide you from basic functions to screen creation and modification:

  • Software Structure
  • Design
  • Menus
  • Display Objects
  • Statistics
  • File Management/File Extensions
  • Audio

Because they are in HTML, you will be able to run your software at the same time as you read the lesson.  You can also print the lesson and have it as a quick reference at any time- with or without the computer turned on.

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