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BioPad GameCube Interface

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Gaming System control for Biofeedback Training.

Works with GameCube only.

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This is the second generation video-game controller, allowing biofeedback equipment to play/pause virtually any GameCube video game, such as Tetris, Spiderman, MarioKart, Return of the King, and hundreds more. Doesn't just interrupt the audio/video stream, as does the Mux product. You plug BioPad into the GameCube, and then the hand-controller into the BioPad. A control signal, either directly from biofeedback equipment (like Thought Technology's) or using our Sound Board Adapter (Brain Master, NeuroCare Pro, Lexicor, etc), the video game induced to switch to the Paused state.

Can be combined with the Biofeedback Video Mux to allow you to show a "retraining" DVD during the Paused intervals, if so desired.

  • Play/Pause virtually any video game that runs on GameCube as Biofeedback.
  • Compatible with GameCube and most games that use the Start/Pause button to control Play and Pause, and not much else in the game. (Games that extensively use the Start/Pause button during gameplay are not good choices for use with this interface.)
  • Interfaces with any biofeedback equipment that includes a general-purpose relay (open-circuit vs. conduction) output OR any equipment that can provide audio output (such as through a sound card), with our FeedbackMediaPlatform (separate device -- purchased separately).
  • Many types of biofeedback equipment provides simple (boring) feedback scenarios provided by the manufacturer. Now, exciting gaming system interaction can be used as feedback. User can play game if successful maintaining desired mental state, or paused. Game continues where it left off with no loss of life, level or frustrating restrarts.
  • Great for teaching children to remain calm under pressure, for example. Useful for desensitizing training, attention training, and many other training modalities -- experiment!
  • Includes control interface cable.
  • Includes Open-Play or Close-play connections to insure compatibility with many usage scenarios.
  • Can be used in combination with BiofeedbackVideoMux to swap in another video during paused periods.
  • No batteries required, no AC wall adapter required -- No internationalization issues.
  • Test button simplifies diagnostics, and allows changing to other state if the user somehow gets in the wrong (play vs. pause) state.
  • Hand controller is disabled during paused state so subject can't restart it manually.
  • Tested with many hand-controllers, both from Nintendo and off-brands. Note: Do not use extension cords on the controllers (6' maximum).
Tested with:
  • Thought Technology ProComp+ Equipment. (Under "Feedback Option" set "Use Switch Control".)
  • The "Thinking Cap" developed by Hershel Tommim of Biocomp.
  • Also interfaces with ANY biofeedback equipment that can direct a sound board to emit a sound. Requires a FeedbackMediaPlatform that will plug into your sound board output and then into the BioPad. Play a sound, DVD plays; silence, DVD pauses.
  • Lexicor Equipment
  • WaveRider Equipment
  • BrainMaster
  • CapScan
  • NeuroCare Pro
  • Absolutely any equipment that can emit a tone from your soundboard output.