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We feel that if you regularly buy from us, you deserve a little more than just gratitude. We periodically review the past 12 months of purchases on your account. From that information, we give you a Loyalty Level discount on your future purchases.

Once you obtain a Loyalty Level, it will not be taken away unless we discontinue the program.

Some items are excluded from the Loyalty Program, or may have an even lower discount than specified by the Loyalty Program.

We reserve the right to change or discontinue this program at any time without notice.

Updating Your Status

If you have made a recent purchase(s), and would like us to check on your loyalty status at any time, please call us. If you have an account (log in) on our website and do not see your loyalty discounts when shopping, please call and we will fix it.

Our system is not perfect. For example, some customers may have more than one account in our system. It's sometimes difficult to avoid this, and we are working on minimizing this all the time. If you feel your loyalty discount is incorrect, please let us know.