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Egg Catcher Game Physiology Suite Add-on by BIOMAX

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The Egg Catcher EMG Game includes 2 different versions with a prebuilt screen for each version. Install the Game and play it, there is no setup required. This game is compatible with Thought Technology's Physiology Suite.

The goal of Egg Catcher is to catch eggs by moving a basket across the bottom of the screen. The basket is controlled by either 1 or 2 EMG sensors.

The game includes 2 versions:

  1. Egg Cacher Boolean 1 EMG: The basket movesleft by default and is moved right by exceeding the threshold with an EMG sensor in channel C.
  2. Egg Catcher 2 EMG: The basket is moved left and right by EMG sensors in channels C and D.

Egg Catcher comes with prebuilt screens named: BMI - Game - Egg Catcher - Boolean - 1 EMG and BMI - Game - Egg Catcher - 2 EMG.

Channel Sets

  • Promcomp Infiniti Channel Set: PI Physiology BVP
  • Procomp 5 Channel Set: P5 Physiology BVP EMG
  • Procmp 2 Channel Set: P2 Physiology 2 EMG
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