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Introduction to Neurofeedback Online Tutorial

  • Prepare for BCIA Neurofeedback Exam
  • 18 hours BCIA continuing education hours
  • Experienced educators John Anderson and Fred Shaffer
  • Unmatched value, graphics and videos
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Introduction to Neurofeedback covers 18-hours of the BCIA Neurofeedback Blueprint to prepare you for BCIA’s Neurofeedback exam and provide you with 18 BCIA continuing education hours.

Introduction to Neurofeedback online multimedia tutorial to provide an overview of the field before you significantly invest in equipment and a full didactic training program without knowing more about the underlying neuroscience concepts.

Introduction to Neurofeedback is a powerful study guide that carefully reviews the most challenging sections of the BCIA Neurofeedback Blueprint to help professionals review for BCIA’s Neurofeedback Certification exam.

For BCIA Biofeedback and HRV Biofeedback certificants, Introduction to Neurofeedback provides 18 hours of BCIA-accredited continuing education, including 2 hours of Professional Standards for partial fulfillment of the CE required for recertification. This product does not replace a 36-hour BCIA didactic workshop.

Introduction to Neurofeedback focuses on the topics important for neurofeedback professionals and delivers unmatched value with professional graphics and videos. This course provides exceptional learning resources like Quizlets for concept and vocabulary review and best-of-class assessment using ClassMarker. All BioSource products are continually updated to incorporate new research findings.

Introduction to Neurofeedback covers 18 of 36 hours in the BCIA Neurofeedback Blueprint:

  • Orientation to Neurofeedback (4 hours)
  • Basic Neurophysiology and Anatomy (4 hours)
  • Instrumentation and Electronics (4 hours)
  • Research Evidence Base for Neurofeedback (2 hours)
  • Pharmacological Considerations (2 hours)
  • Ethical and Professional Conduct (2 hours)

Cross-Platform Compatibility - Introduction to Neurofeedback runs on Windows and Mac OS using your web browser.

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