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NeuroGuide BrainMaster QEEG

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NeuroGuide software for BrainMaster Version 2.5.5.

NeuroGuide for BrainMaster is included in NeuroGuide Deluxe.

You need to have the Mini-Q or Mini-Q II in order to run the NeuroGuide with the Brainmaster.

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MINI Q SWITCH BOX (390-010): Used with 2E Module to take multiple electrode readings without errors and the fuss and bother of changing electrodes or moving pins. Provides ease of use for small EEG assessments offering an alternative to manual assessments. When used with provided protocol files, MINIQ will acquire 1-minute samples from each pair, and prompt the user to set the switch in the appropriate location, before proceeding. Acquire a 12-channel EEG in approximately 6 minutes. All pairs are acquired in 2-channel mode, with linked ears as a reference. A special type of excel file can be created, with the data formatted and ratios computed. Supported by 2.0 Clinical Pro software. Fz/Cz, F3/F4, C3/C4, P3/P4, T3/T4, O1/O2 . Includes MiniQ Switch Box which offers built in linked ears feature, Instructional manual and passkey for use on up to two designated 2E modules (monitors) belonging to the user. Electro-Cap not included. Sold for research purposes only.

BrainMaster Technologies New Mini Q provides ease of use for small EEG assessments. Many practitioners are in the habit of making various electrode recordings in order to see how their clients are doing. It is not uncommon to move electrodes from one position to another in order to get a sense of what is happening where. The Mini Q makes it easier to take multiple electrode readings without errors and without the fuss and bother of changing electrodes or moving pins.

With the New BrainMaster Mini Q, you can use an electrode cap if you wish, and connect all your electrodes at once, instead of one or two at a time. Used with our 2 channel EEG the Mini Q makes it easy to measure from different pairs of electrodes selected two at a time by simply turning a switch. It is possible for example to measure 8 electrode locations in 4 minutes providing a quick and simple assessment aid.

There are clinicians, who are available on referral, and who can assist in the interpretation and reporting of these results. This will provide valuable help in analyzing your results, and in planning treatment protocols.