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  1. Neurofield Genesis tDCS, tACS, tRNS, tAPNS
    The NeuroField Genesis offers a leap forward in current stimulation technology; the first device to combine transcranial Direct Current (tDCS), Alternating Current (tACS), Random Noise (tRNS) and Pink Noise (tAPNS) stimulation into one unit. Learn More
  2. NeuroField Q21
    The Q21 Amplifier is state of the art in pristine EEG signal processing. Designed from the ground up for ease of use and flexibility. Learn More
  3. NeuroField X3000 Plus DDS
    Neurofield X3000 stim unit. The NeuroField X3000 is a four channel frequency generator that can generate pEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) frequencies from 0.31-300,000 Hz. The pEMF output intensity ranges from 1-40 microtesla. Learn More
  4. Neurofield CanBUS USB Adapter
    Neurofield USB that connects any of the boxes to the computer. Only one is needed per system.. Learn More
  5. Neurofield X3000 Coils
    Four stim coils for use with Neurofield X3000. Learn More
  6. Neurofield Cap
    Neurofield Cap for placing coils on head. Learn More
  7. Neurofield Power Supply for X3000 or Q20
    Neurofield power supply (one needed for each box. (The Q20 can also be placed on battery). Learn More
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