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  1. Thought Technology Heart Rate Variability Starter Bundle
    Our starter HRV system is ideal for clinicians who want to begin exploring heart rate variability biofeedback without overwhelming their budget. This medical grade system provides out-of-the-box functionality with a set of simple tools for assessing and training HRV. Learn More
    Now Only $2,133.00 Regular Price $2,370.00
  2. Synergy Solution System with 1 eVu TPS included
    The Synergy Solution is a tool designed to measure and interpret your clients’ stress markers in a group setting, as well as teach them stress management and resilience via biofeedback therapy. The goal of the Synergy Solution is to allow you, the therapist, to harness this approach even if you have had little or no prior experience with a stress measurement tool. Learn More
    As low as $1,215.00
  3. Procomp 8 Peak Performance System Packages
    The Peak Performance System Packages are designed to include everything you'll need to cater to clients seeking to hone thier performance. Whether it be on the field or in the board room the Peak Performance Systems deliver results. Learn More
    As low as $6,399.00
  4. DeStress Solution System with eVu TPS
    The DeStress Solution System integrates BioGraph Infiniti software with the TPS sensor. It is intended for health care practitioners who want a tool to evaluate stress markers, teach stress management, and enhance resilience via biofeedback self-regulation. Learn More
    Now Only $1,215.00 Regular Price $1,350.00
  5. Neurobit Optima + 4 Channel - USB
    100% of 100
    This portable, versatile yet affordable physiological data acquisition equipment can be used in many applications. Learn More
    As low as $1,249.00
  6. Thought Technology Biofeedback Starter System Bundle
    Introduce biofeedback into your practice with this compact and easy to use two-channel device that harnesses powerful multimedia software with a choice of biofeedback packages. Learn More
    As low as $2,119.50
  7. Thought Technology Biofeedback Intermediate System Bundle
    Expand your biofeedback practice with this versatile five channel multimodality system for classical physiological biofeedback including powerful multimedia software. Learn More
    As low as $4,162.50
  8. Thought Technology Biofeedback Expert System Bundle
    Get the broadest physiological perspective of your client’s stress and relaxation responses with our most complete physiological monitoring and multimedia biofeedback system. Learn More
    As low as $6,534.00
  9. Thought Technology Neurofeedback Expert System Bundle
    Get the most out of your neurofeedback protocols by adding classic biofeedback sensors with 2 EEG sensors, a pIR HEG headset and the most powerful multimedia software available. Learn More
    As low as $6,353.10
  10. Used ProComp5 Infiniti - 5 Channel System
    The ProComp5 Infiniti measures up to five channels of your choice for both neurofeedback and biofeedback training. Version 6 software included Learn More
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