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ProComp Infiniti Upgrade

  • Upgrade your obsolete ProComp+ to the new Infiniti
  • Includes BioGraph Infiniti v6 software
  • 2 year additional warranty provided on new encoder
  • Contact us for additional upgrade details
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TTL T7170M
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Upgrade from your obsolete ProComp+ encoder to the new Procomp Infiniti 8 channel Biofeeback System. The ProComp Infiniti shares all the features of the original ProComp+ encoder and more. Includes BioGraph Infiniti v6.0 software. As of January 31st, 2020 , Thought Technology will no longer be offering the ProComp+ to ProComp Infiniti upgrade offer We are providing a last call to any users with a ProComp+ encoder who wish to upgrade to the ProComp Infiniti system at this exceptional price.

Call us toll-free at 800-521-4640. We will ask for the serial number located on back of your ProComp Encoder, and your current shipping address. You will be charged $2500 USD + shipping at this time.

Your new system will be delivered and will include the following:

  • Infiniti Encoder Hardware
  • Infinit Software
    • EEG Suite or Physiology Suite
    • Hardware and Software Manuals
      & Screen Editor Lite
      • Developers Tools
      • Channel Editor
      • Screen Editor
      • Script Editor
  • TT-USB Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Carrying Case
  • Batteries
  • 2 Year Warranty

You must send us your ProComp Encoder and PRO-SB Adapter within 30 days of recieving your new system.

Securely package, insure and ship your old ProComp Encoder and PRO-SB Adapter to:

Bio-Medical Instruments, Inc.
38875 Harper Ave
Clinton Township,MI,48036

*Failure to return the ProComp Encoder and PRO-SB Adapter will result in an additional charge for the unreturned hardware.

If you would like to upgrade and still be able to use your old BioGraph software and screens, you must keep your PRO-SB Adapter and purchase the TT-USB Adapter.

Keeping your PRO-SB Adapter raises the upgrade cost to $3,050 USD plus shipping.

BioGraph 16 Software will only work with the PRO-SB Adapter.

As of July 1, 2006, Thought Technology will no longer offer technical support on BioGraph 16 Software

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  1. Rebeck

    2018-10-30 18:22:37

    Is your offer ProComp Infiniti Upgrade also valid for Luxembourg?

    1 answer
    1. Brian Milstead

      2018-10-30 20:34:13

      Our upgrade applies as long as you have a valid serial # for the encoder you are upgrading. Email us a with your serial #.

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Upgrade now to the cutting edge of biofeedback, giving you the ability to interface to the next generation of software tools. Your upgrade will be sent out before you send us your old encoder, ensuring you won't have any downtime.

A free two year additional warranty will be provided on the new ProComp Infiniti encoder. (Value of $700.00 US). The serial number of your current ProComp+ encoder is required prior to shipping the NEW Infiniti encoder.

The original ProComp+ encoder must be returned upon receipt of the new Infiniti encoder within 30 days.

The new ProComp Infiniti offers:

  • USB connection
  • Internal user activated re-calibration
  • Ability to save data directly to Compact Flash Memory Card
  • Integrated impedance checking
  • Higher Sampling rate
  • Automatic sensor recognition
  • Internal user activated re-calibration
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy accessible dip switches
  • Recessed fiber optic plug
  • 8 channel ProComp Infiniti encoder unit
  • BioGraph Infiniti Software - Newest Version
  • 360 Suite for BioGraph Infiniti
  • TT-USB interface unit
  • Fiber-optic cables (12 inch & 15 foot)
  • 4 alkaline AA batteries
  • Storage and carrying case

Computer Requirements

View Computer Requirements for Thought Technology software (opens in a new browser tab)


  • 15 Foot Fiber Optic Cable to USB (ITT-USB interface) or COM port(Pro-SB)
  • Impedance check (with optional EEG-Z sensor)
  • Self-calibration: Yes
  • Fast Channels: 2 channels, 2048 samples/sec DC-45Hz
  • Slow channels: 5 channels 256 samples/sec DC-8Hz (shared with fast channels)
  • Power Source: 4 1.5V AA Battery (20+ hours)
  • Size (approx.) 130mm x 95mm x 37mm (5.1 x 3.7 x 1.5)
  • Weight (approx.) 200g (7oz)
  • Power Source 4AA batteries, single use alkaline or NiMh Rechargeable
  • Supply Voltage 3.6V 6.5V (fiber optic), minimum 4.0V (Compact Flash)
  • Battery Life, Alkaline cells 30h typical, 20h minimum
  • Low-battery warning 20 30 minutes of battery life remaining
  • Sensor supply voltage 7.260V 2mV
  • ADC output 14bits
  • Full-scale input range, DC 2.8V1.696V
  • LSB magnitude 207uV
  • Encoder channel bandwidth (3dB) and sample rate
    • DC 512Hz @ 2048 samples/second
    • DC 64Hz @ 256 samples/second
    • DC 64Hz @ 200 samples/second
    • DC 8Hz @ 32 samples/second
    • DC 8Hz @ 20 samples/second
  • Anti-aliasing Filter 5th order Butterworth
  • Alias rejection 30dB typical
  • DC gain accuracy 0.5% (initial, or after self-calibration)
  • DC offset 3LSB (initial, or after self-calibration)
  • Overall system accuracy 5%
  • Offset drift, calibration temperature 10C 5 LSB
  • Encoder noise 150uV RMS, 1mV p-p typical, offset removed

NOTE: ProComp Infiniti and its Sensor Heads and sensors are sensitive electronic instruments and should be handled as such. Be especially careful to avoid both pulling on the sensor cables and leads or getting moisture and gel on the sensor snaps. If necessary, wipe the surface with a damp cloth or use a moistened Q-tip to remove gel from inside the sensor snaps. Wipe with a dry cloth.