A letter from practitioner to patients regarding COVID-19

I received this message from a good friend and customer Joe Castellano. This is one of the best things I’ve heard in the midst of this crisis coming from a counselor with a vibrant practice. 
For clinics that are able to stay open we will be here to service your needs. We do have options for home training if that is an option for you. Call us with any questions you may have. 
Please stay safe. Take care of yourself and loved ones.  – Brian Milstead

Dear Clients and business partners,

As the situation is becoming more clear, we will shut down until it is time to return. I trust you can find information on the CDC website as how best prepare and care for yourselves and your loves ones in this moment. Wash your hands regularly and certainly prior to touching your face.

While great suffering is happening, this is also a time where a world that has been moving too fast is being forced to slow down. If it feels good for you, please take some time and reflect on what really matters in your lives. How can doing less be a path to living more connected lives with those we care most about, the world around us, the world beyond us, and ourselves (in whatever order feels right for you).

If you feel you need an interim plan with your neurotherapy please let us know. There are systems you can purchase for home units and we may be able to help you set up protocols remotely. Regular meditation is a good place to start. HRV as well.

Please do not give in to fear, nor act like it isn’t real. Prepare and slow down. We will get through this together.


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