Behavioral Therapy for Migraine Prevention Continues to Gain Support

“Behavioral migraine therapies, including cognitive-based therapy and biofeedback, have proven to be among the most effective preventive treatment options available for migraine. And support for newer behavioral interventions, namely mindfulness-based therapies, is also growing. This is perhaps most evidenced by the 2021 American Headache Society Consensus Statement’s inclusion of biobehavioral therapy as a preventive treatment for headache.

Behavioral migraine therapies approach patient care from a biopsychosocial model, which views symptoms as emanating from a complex interaction of biological, psychological, and social variables. In addition to reducing the frequency and severity of migraine, behavioral migraine interventions aim to reduce headache-related disability, reliance on poorly tolerated or unwanted pharmacotherapies, and headache-related distress or other psychological symptoms, and to enhance personal control of migraine. A review of several meta-analyses demonstrated that behavioral interventions in patients with migraine reduce migraine by 35%-50% compared with 5%-10% for control condition (placebo) groups and have shown outcomes similar to those of preventive pharmacologic interventions.”

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