Biofeedback Monitors & Machines for Home Use

There are several biofeedback machines & monitors available for home use. Recent advances have allowed manufacturers to create affordable, portable, powerful biofeedback devices that you can use in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.

Biofeedback simply explained is becoming conscious of how your body is functioning and this information being fed back (through audio or visual cues) to you so you can train to regain control over your body.

Biofeedback monitors for home use can range in price from $20 up to $1000. If you are looking for home use biofeedback products visit our home use biofeedback site. – is a site dedicated to healthier living. This site offers many non-drug alternatives to better health. Specifically for home users.

Biofeedback instruments & machines have been used for a variety of applications from:

* stress management, anxiety, relaxation
* incontinence
* muscle re-education
* improving focus & concentration and more

Biofeedback devices for home use are easy to use and understand. If you are interested in learning more feel free to review all of our articles or call us for more information @ 800-521-4640.

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  1. I was told about a biofeedback monitor by a friend of mine at work, and he described it . I would like to find one to work out with my ideas of archery concentration practices, and plus he is going to fix me up with a tool that works like an old game like remember operation. Now do you see what i am getting at? I love my archery.


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