BrainFutures Launches Multi-Part Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Initiative

“BrainFutures, a citizen advocacy nonprofit dedicated to improving human outcomes by assessing and advancing the practical applications of new scientific understanding of the brain, announces the launch of an issue brief series and coalition building effort focused on psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Psychedelic-assisted therapies hold promise for treating some of the most intractable mental health issues, including post traumatic stress disorder and treatment-resistant depression. With studies at top research institutions like Johns Hopkins, New York University, and Imperial College London showing compelling results, psychedelic medicine is rapidly gaining broad public attention. At the same time, the complexity of issues surrounding the equitable adoption of these treatments—in particular around how to ensure successful adoption within the behavioral health field—is significant. By generating policy-oriented issue briefs and building multi-stakeholder collaborations, BrainFutures acts as a respected, neutral aggregator of knowledge capable of laying an unbiased foundation for the regulatory and reimbursement work ahead.”

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