Call for EEG Techs from founder of Clinical NeuroAnalytics

Need EEG Technicians to Perform Conventional EEGs in Various Clinical Settings

Clinical NeuroAnalytics provides Pharmaco-EEG interpretation services. Pharmaco-EEG involves the detection of minute electrical changes within an individual’s EEG data. These discrepancies can predict the electrophysiological brain responses to certain clinical pharmacological interventions. Pharmaco-EEG is used by clinicians, scientist, and researchers worldwide to help patients achieve optimal outcomes.

We Need You: There are various clinicians and clinical facilities around the country requesting an outside professional service to perform a conventional EEG (10 minutes EO and 10 minutes EC). Many of these clinical facilities do not have the technical ability or equipment to perform the EEG. Currently, we are assembling an internal referral list of qualified EEG technicians to perform this task. If you are interested in being on this list please send your contact information to .

The Process: The clinical facility or individual ordering the EEG will provide a patient intake form and any specific requests for collection of the technical data. A coordinator will work with both the EEG technician and the patient to schedule an appointment for the EEG data collection. Upon completion, the technician will upload the data into our database (instruction to be provided). Once the data is loaded, the technician will be issued payment.

Pharmaco-EEG Studies:

Thank you for your consideration.

Ronald J. Swatzyna, PhD, LCSW, BCB, BCN
Founder/Chief Scientist
Clinical NeuroAnalytics, LLC

1307 Oceanside Lane

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