Can We Use qEEG and Neurostimulation for COVID-19?

“Although pandemic experts had long predicted a worldwide pandemic was coming, COVID-19 still surprised most of us. But few were prepared for the effects to persist for months or years after people’s initial recovery. One thing this new virus, and new post-viral condition, is teaching us is that well-known viruses from the past likely created long-term, debilitating conditions we hadn’t treated as post-viral. Like the discoverers of H. pylori revolutionized the understanding and treatment of gastric ulcers, long COVID and this pandemic may revolutionize both brain treatments and the understanding of many long-term conditions as arising from viruses.

Standard medical care for brain injury remains mostly strategies and rest, with or without medications. But more health care professionals are turning to qEEG and neurostimulation and neuromodulation to, first, pinpoint the exact neurophysiological dysfunction and, second, create individualized treatment programs to restore healthy neuronal and neural network functioning…”

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