Comparison of David Audio-visual and CES units

This short video describes basic differences between the three David Delight models. Additional basic info regarding the David SMART, David ALERT, David OASIS and the Pro version as well.


The Delight is our most easy-to-use and lowest cost device for people who want simplicity and large, easy-to-use session buttons. It has ten of our most effective and popular sessions – two in each category: Feeling Better, Energize, Brain Booster, Sleep and Meditate.

Delight Plus

The Delight Plus is much like the Delight, but with more sessions – 5 in each of the categories.  The extra sessions in the Delight Plus are particularly effective for people with more complex issues such as fibromyalgia and sleep disorders.

Delight Pro

The Delight Pro has the same sessions as the Delight Plus, but also offers Cranio-Electro Stimulation (CES). The frequency of the CES sessions are linked to the frequency of the AVE sessions plus 100 Hz. You can use AVE by itself, CES by itself or both together.


The SMART is easy to use and has ten sessions just like the Delight except the SMART sessions were specially designed to improve academic performance, reduce stress, boost mood, and improve concentration and memory in students.


The ALERT sessions were specifically designed for managing ADD/ADHD and other learning disorders.  It includes a symptom survey to help determine which sessions to use.


The ALERT Pro offers the same sessions as the ALERT but also includes CES.


The OASIS Pro offers CES. For an additional cost, you can also add MET and tDCS. The OASIS Pro is the only device that can operate tDCS.

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