Fighting IBS With Behavioral Therapy

Hunt explained to him what stress can do to your stomach. “When you’re anxiously aroused and your body goes into fight or flight mode, a host of biological processes happen, including increase in heart rate, blood pressure and respiration, increased sweating, increased muscle tension and GI discomfort,” she said.

Hunt explained that GI discomfort can include a “spasmodic cramping of the gut” that will lead to urgency and the immediate need to go to the bathroom — in other words, diarrhea.

Stress can also lead to constipation, Hunt said, as the muscle tension affects the pelvic floor and sphincter muscles.”Any time that I’m under a lot of duress, I started realizing that I clench my stomach,” Yu said.”When I looked back on my life, I started to realize how much a connection there was between my brain and my stomach.”

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