Heart Rate Variability with the Inner Balance

A question we often hear from new users is ‘What does the wave at the top of the session mean?’.

That wave is your Heart Rate Variability or HRV .

HRV is the time interval between the heartbeats. Every little moment between each beat is different from the next and is constantly speeding up and slowing down. However, when we are stressed, this speeding up and slowing down is not happening in a consistent manner. If you see this pattern being created on the screen, it will look very jagged and irregular.


In our research on how emotions affect our physiology, we found that our HRV pattern varies dramatically when we experience positive emotions such as care or appreciation. The pattern that we then see on the screen will be show smooth curves as it moves over the screen. This pattern is what we call ‘coherence’, which synchronizes our heart, breath and brain. We experience more calm and balance during these times.

Inner Balance has onscreen coaching that will guide you to high coherence.

Go ahead and start a session. Breathe along with the breath pacer and then follow the prompts. Try this for about 5 minutes and see how you feel.

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