Mightier, a Boston Children’s Spinout Focused on Gamified Emotional Regulation Training, Gets $6.6M

Mightier offers 25 bioresponsive mobile games, as well as a heart rate monitor (the Mightier Band). The games are designed by popular mobile game developers, but they’re designed to both teach and test emotional regulation skills like deep breathing and visualization. Success at emotional regulation is tied to success in the game.

“While you’re playing a game, eventually you’re going to come to a situation that’s hard for you and that’s going to push your heart rate up, or more formally it’s going to push your autonomic response up,” cofounder and Chief Scientific Officer Jason Kahn told MobiHealthNews last year. “Once that happens we do this counterintuitive thing of making the game harder. And that, for kids, is intentionally frustrating. So now they are in this space where the game has gotten harder and they have to find a way to back out to make the game easier again.”

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