Licensed Professional Counselors Association of North Carolina – LPCANC

Whereas Licensed Professional Counselors serve a vital role in the mental health and wellbeing of the citizens of NC, the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of North Carolina (LPCANC) promotes the development of LPCs through professional excellence and advocacy. LPCANC provides a voice for public policy, directs the activities of our professional lobbyist, and responds to the continuing education needs of LPCs in North Carolina.

Education/Professional Development

In order to contribue to the continuing education and professional development of LPCs, LPCANC holds an annual conference, hosts regional workshops throughout the year, and strives to collaborate with university counselor education graduate programs in NC.

Regional Meetings

Opportunities for LPCs to gather on a local basis are provided through regional meetings. These meetings typically feature a program on topics and issues relevant to counselors as well as information about the association and the work we are doing for LPCs. There are 8 Membership Regions throughout the state with at least 1 LPC in each region serving as the Regional Representative. Check the Membership page under Regions to find out which region your county is in and who your Regional Representatives are.

University Relations

Through the University Relations program, LPCANC works to develop active relationships with the counselor education graduate programs in NC. This is for the purpose of assisting graduate students and current grads in the process of becoming licensed as LPCs as well as in their search for employment, and in order to increase their representation in the association.

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