Mid-Atlantic Society for Biofeedback and Behavioral Medicine – MASBBM

The mission of the Mid-Atlantic Society for Biofeedback and Behavioral Medicine is to serve as a resource for professionals and the community for the dissemination and utilization of knowledge and information about clinical psychophysiology, including biofeedback, neurofeedback and behavioral medicine.

The Mid-Atlantic Society for Biofeedback and Behavioral Medicine, among the earliest biofeedback societies in the U.S., was largely comprised in the beginning of academics and medical faculty members. It first met under the name of the Innominate Society in Baltimore in the late 1960’s to share results of ongoing original research. Mainly composed of research physicians, clinical psychologists and others interested in advancing knowledge in behavioral medicine, biofeedback and self regulation, the Society became more clinically oriented as years passed. For a number of years, it was known as the Biofeedback Society of the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia (BSDCMDVA), which evolved into the Mid-Atlantic Society for Biofeedback and Behavioral Medicine. It remains an affiliate of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB), a national organization.

MASBBM provides a professional forum for the exchange of ideas, methods, clinical experience, information and the results of basic and applied biofeedback research. The Society provides local networking, educational meetings and referral services for the public at large. Current emphasis of the Society is on clinical application and scientific research, on continuing education for members and other health professionals and as a referral resource of Society members who practice clinical biofeedback in our geographic region.

The purpose of the Society is to improve human welfare through:

  • Promotion, communication and exchange of ideas among Members concerning the science and practice of clinical biofeedback, applied psychophysiology and behavioral medicine.
  • Increasing knowledge within the Society concerning psychophysiology, biofeedback and behavioral medicine through annual membership meetings, educational programs, publications and formation of special interest groups (SIGS).
  • Encouragement, promotion and improvement of clinical practice, educational applications and scientific research in biofeedback, applied psychophysiology and behavioral medicine, by all means possible.
  • Dissemination of information to the public about applied psychophysiology, biofeedback and behavioral medicine, and its uses and limitations.

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