North Eastern Regional Biofeedback Society – NRBS

The Northeast Regional Biofeedback Society represents the professional biofeedback practitioners of this region. Biofeedback is an increasingly important medical and psychological treatment modality. Neurofeedback is a form of biofeedback that measures and trains brain waves. Since its introduction in the 1960’s, biofeedback has steadily gained recognition as a bio-behavioral, non-drug intervention for treatment of a wide variety of disorders. Biofeedback is a clinically effective, standard or complementary therapy that is recognized as non-invasive, cost-effective, short-term, complementary and insurance-reimbursable in many cases.

The NRBS provides an opportunity for professional development of those interested in biofeedback and applied psychophysiology. The NRBS is an interdisciplinary society. Our members include psychologists,mental health counselors, psychiatrists, nurses, physical rehabilitation specialists, dentists, educators and members of other allied professions.

Semi-annual conferences and workshops are offered to enhance knowledge in the field and provide participants with information on the latest research. In addition, conferences offer opportunities for networking and catching up on equipment innovations. Current trends are also discussed in our e-newsletter.

The executive board of the NRBS monitors the state legislature and insurance industry for impact on the practice of biofeedback in order both to influence the outcome of legislative and regulatory decisions to protect our members’ interests and that of the field of biofeedback, and to keep our members informed. The society provides information helpful in dealing with third party payers and heath care agencies. Listing on our internet referral directory is available to members.

The NRBS is an expanding, diverse and responsive organization promoting the advancement of biofeedback and mind-body health. We hold monthly peer support groups that meet in various locations for case conferencing and ongoing networking. The NRBS supports professional and the public’s interest and keeps its members abreast of the current issues affecting research, practice and treatment. Membership is open to those who are interested in biofeedback and psychophysiology.

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