Neurofeedback Side Effects, Adverse Reactions, & Dangers

“While neurofeedback is generally recognized as a safe intervention for improving electroneurological flexibility, some people report side effects.  A majority of reported side effects aren’t considered dangerous and usually transitory in that they’ll eventually subside.  That said, if you aren’t working with a skilled professional, haven’t gotten a QEEG assessment, and/or are conducting neurofeedback on your own – you may increase the risk of experiencing side effects.”

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11 thoughts on “Neurofeedback Side Effects, Adverse Reactions, & Dangers”

  1. MY NAME IS ZYDIS. back in may and june i started with neurofeedback for anxiety and depression. at the same time that i took 14 treatments up until july, my daughter had been pregnant with triplets and lost them all. my depression and anxiety has gotten so much worse. i was wondering could the lens still be pushing anxiety and depression to worsen. week by week seems worse. i was doing so much better before the lens only trying to get rid of a little bit and i mean little bit of depression that was hanging around. i later found out if you have underlying depression it can make it worse. i called the company they didn’t feel it was still pushing and could be the triplet experience. all i know is it is getting rough and i don’t know which way to turn now. never have i wanted to do meds. thankyou

    • We are not clinicians so I can not give clinical advice. If you do not feel comfortable with the clinician you are working with look for another. A responsible trainer doing neurofeedback would first do a qEEG to look at the brain before trainer to guide the actual training process. There are therapists that do neurofeedback as well and that may be more appropriate than someone just doing neurofeedback. Check on or

    • We can not vouch for LENS Neurofeedback. We are not clinicians here. IF you are not having success with LENS neurofeedback I would suggest seeking a traditional neurofeedback provider. AS far as I know there have been no clinical publications regarding use of the LENS device.

    • Hello Zydis, I have experienced the same reaction but mine only after 5 treatments. Have you gotten any further information that can help? I have been visiting doctors to try to figure this out and it’s been getting very very difficult.

  2. I am experiencing a noticable spike in my depression after the first treatment, accompanied by headache. Is this expected to go away or could it possibly worsen depression in some people?

    • Hello, I too am in the down side, residual of neuro. Wow does my brain hurt. I use an ice pack for two days after therapy. My brain is definitely hurting. Fatigued. Thou my head feels softer and expanded it is a lot. I think I need a break.
      I am doing this for developmental trauma and all the mental health troubles that go with it.

      Now I think the objective is to slow our brain down, so that is disorienting enough. I’ll lean into another day of ugh.
      I add electrolytes and gardening.

      I had a rough upbringing my two sisters died. So oceans of grief.
      I see recovery ahead I just don’t know how to get there.
      God bless you. Believe in recovery.
      And turn the negative into positive.
      You will be ok.
      Virtual love.

  3. Hello,
    I am looking for a neurofeedback provider in Winston Salem, NC, preferably in-network with BlueCrossBlueShield or Medicare.
    Do you have a database of providers that is searchable by the public?

  4. Neurofeedback seems benign while in session but I began NFB due to multiple x waking up in panic attacks after death of a beloved soulmate. After 1 sess of NFB I not only woke in a panic attack but I also had my 1st experience in Full PTSD! Not such a benign treatment for me! Continued treatment after regulation of my emotions and DIY plan for possible next session in case I respond the same way. I’d love to know why trauma work would exacerbate parts of my brain like that 🤔


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