Neurofeedback Training For Autism

Autism is a very complex and somewhat mysterious disorder that is fast becoming better understood. Autism can be simply defined as “private thinking,” or “locked in syndrome.” Unfortunately, Autism is not so easily understood, as it is defined.

Children with autism typically lack certain social graces and interactive communication skills. They are often seen as being in their own private world. They are also typically very intelligent, as they absorb very specific pieces of information from their surroundings. Children with autism indeed have significant differences in their brains, centered around slow moving brainwaves called delta and theta (1-8 hertz or cycles per second). One of the classic brainwave symptoms of autism is a slowing in the frontal lobes of the brain, similar to that of ADHD, although more severe. The frontal lobes of the brain should be dominant with a faster moving brainwave frequency known as Beta-1 or Low Beta (13-24Hz.). This brainwave activity is associated with “externalized” thinking, abstract reasoning, critical thinking outside oneself, etc.

Neurofeedback combined with other evidence-based, multi-modal interventions has been shown to be very effective in maximizing an individual’s capacity to lead a more normal, independent and fulfilling life.

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