Sleeping with the enemy: 3 ways tech can empower you to sleep better.

Young Cell Phone Addict Man Awake At Night In Bed Using Smartpho

I have a confession: I am a techy. And, I believe tech can help you sleep better.

I know: Phones, TVs, and other gadgets can wreck sleep. I get why Arianna’s bedroom is tech-free, especially when it comes to the #1 seducer — the smartphone. Who’s texting me? My kid? My boss? And when’s that new outfit I ordered from Amazon going to be delivered?

A restless, racing brain is the enemy of sleep.

So why do I make the case that tech can help us get to sleep, stay asleep, and improve sleep quality?

Because, I’ve seen people fall asleep and sleep better using tech. Safely. Without medication or other drugs.

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