Which Heartmath product is best for me?

A question we receive often is, ‘what are the differences between the HeartMath products?’ If you are the lucky owner of both the Inner Balance™ Sensor and emWave® programs, you truly have the best of both worlds. But if you are choosing between the Inner Balance Sensor and emWave products, here are some thoughts that may help you decide.

  • First, and most important is what are your goals?
  • Second, is the program just for you or would others use it as well?
  • Last, when do you think you’ll use your program most often?

If you often get stressed at work, want to reduce tension or lower your blood pressure and you own an iPhone®, iPod® or iPad®, you might want to use the Inner Balance app and sensor for iOS. Our new Inner Balance product offers a colorful graphic interface and in-app tutorial to give you real-time guidance and coaching. If you do not own one of the compatible Apple iOS mobile devices, you might opt for the handheld emWave2. This portable unit can go with you wherever you go; use it before or even during your meetings, to help you stay calm and in the creative flow.

Should your goal be to increase your focus, or if you are a health professional interested in the pulse wave or in the interaction of the Autonomic Nervous System, the emWave Pro has two features that can measure this with the use of different hardware. This is something the emWave2 cannot do.

The emWave Pro would also be a better option if you want to use the program with family or clients. This robust software program allows you to create multiple usernames and save sessions into separate databases. The program has additional games and emotion visualizers to help build coherence in children and adults alike. If your emWave Pro program is up-to-date, it will allow you to connect and sync sessions from the emWave2. In this case, the emWave2 will operate as a sensor and allow you to save sessions to the correct username.

Whether you use the Inner Balance app, emWave2, or the emWave Pro  software program (or all of them), ultimately the benefits are the same: reduced stress, increased energy, more clarity and emotional balance. And of course, the more you practice, the more you experience the benefits!

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