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Reusable Gold Spider Electrodes (10 Pack)

  • Designed with patient comfort in mind
  • Molded safety connector with built-in strain relief
  • Built for EEG, EP, IONM, ICU, LTM, PSG & Ambulatory
  • Superior adhesion & surface area coverage
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The Reusable Spider Electrode is an innovative alternative to the traditional cup electrode thanks to its special design, construction and light-weight cable. Made with patient comfort in mind, our Spider Electrodes feature a flat, webbed design that provides superior adhesion and covers a greater surface area.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • A molded safety connector with ample built-in strain relief
  • An exclusively designed connector offers a secure connection to any commercial system and ensures ease of insertion and extraction as well as an excellent electrical connection
  • Can be used with any gel, paste, collodion or other similar adhesive

Intended Use

EEG, EP (Evoked Potentials), IONM (Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring), ICU (Intesive Care Unit), LTM (Long Term Monitoring), PSG (Polysomnography) and Ambulatory.

Directions for Use

Select appropriate Spider Electrode type and size. Clean the application site. Apply Electrode using conductive gel, paste, collodion or other similar adhesive. When finished, remove Electrode and clean the application site.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Instructions

Follow acceptable cleaning and disinfecting protocols, including - but not limited to - washing with water and using disinfecting products. If skin was treated with an abrasive agent during application process, disinfect according to the proper protocols. Do not sterilize. CAUTION: Do not reuse Electrodes that have been contaminated with blood.

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How do I apply the Spider EEG Electrode to the patient?

Use the same method as any other cup electrode, but apply less paste/gel (only enough to completely fill the webbed area of the Spider EEG Electrode). The lead is designed for efficient use of paste.

Can I use collodion?

Yes, collodion can be used on top of the Spider Electrode. It is recommended to apply the conductive material to the electrode first, and then apply the collodion on top of the lead. If needed, a small amount of additional paste/gel can be added through any entry point in the collodion.

How do I clean Spider EEG Electrodes?

For proper cleaning instructions, review the Spider EEG Electrode?s Instructions for Use.

Are Spider EEG Electrodes as durable as standard cup electrodes?

Yes, Spider EEG Electrodes will last as long as a standard cup electrode. Made of pure silver with a coating of either gold or silver/silver-chloride, the Spider is a durable, reliable choice for monitoring.

Can I use the Spider EEG Electrode on a patient alongside a standard cup electrode?

Absolutely. A Spider Electrode can be used with a standard cup electrode of the same material and will not cause any dissimilar metal artifact [i.e. a gold Spider EEG Electrode can be used with a gold cup electrode and a silver/silver-chloride Spider EEG Electrode can be used with a silver/silver-chloride cup electrode].

Manuals and Data Sheets

Spider EEG Electrodes Instructions for Use


  • Lead colors: Brown, White, Red, Black, Green, Grey, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Orange.
  • Leadwire - Tinned Copper with PVC jacket
  • Connector - DIN 42 802
  • 99.9% Pure Silver coated with Gold
  • Cup size 10mm