Rhythmlink Disposable Deep Cup EEG Electrodes for Template Caps

  • 21 Deep Cup EEG Electrodes
  • 4 Recording Sticky Pads
  • 3 convenient packs: LEFT, RIGHT, CENTRAL
  • Silver/Silver Chloride Cups (Ag/AgCl)
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Rhythmlink Disposable EEG Electrodes. Contains 21 disposable Silver/Silver Chloride (Ag/AgCl) EEG electrodes and 4 recording sticky pads. Packaged in 3 convenient packs for ease of use: LEFT, RIGHT, CENTRAL. Approx 40 inches in length. 1.5mm DIN connection. Electrodes are disposable.

Rhythmlink’s Disposable Deep EEG Cups were specifically designed to hold a higher volume of conductive material, 2.5 times more to be exact, than the Standard EEG Cups. Like the Standard Cups, the Deep Cups are made with patient safety in mind and, compared to their reusable counterparts, are more cost effective. This product is single-patient use only. Discard Electrodes after use.

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  • Cup - ABS Plastic Coated with Ag/AgCI
  • Leadwire - Tinned Copper with PVC Jacket
  • Connector - DIN 42 802
  • Sterilized - No

Product Specifications

  • Plating - Ag/AgCI
  • Cup Size - 10 mm
  • Leadwire Lengths - 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 m


  • PVC-Free Packaging Packaging
  • Pouch - Polyethylene
  • Pouch Size - 120 x 182 mm