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  1. Nuprep EEG & ECG Skin Prep Gel - 3 pack of 4oz Tubes
    Nuprep skin preparation gel is beneficial for use where motion artifacts can affect readings, and when a reduction of skin impedance would enhance a test result. Learn More
  2. Protex Disinfectant - 1 Gallon
    Protex Disinfectant is an EPA approved, one-step spray that effectively kills a wide range of bacteria,viruses, and fungi.(1) 1 Gallon bottle. For surfaces, hand rails, counters, metal and stainless. Made in the USA. Perfect to refill Protex spray bottles. Learn More
  3. Electro-Gel for Electro-Caps - 32oz.
    Electro-Gel (32 oz) - Conductive EEG gel for Electro-Caps. ECI Electro-Gel has been specifically formulated for use with Electro-Cap products, but is perfect for use with any brand of EEG cap. Learn More
  4. Aquasonic Clear Single Use - 100 packets per box
    (100 packets per box) 20 gram pouches per box, non-sterile packet containing the world standard for medical ultrasound transmission. Aquasonic is the most widely used gel for diagnostic and therapeutic medical ultrasound. Learn More
  5. ELEFIX Conductive EEG Paste - 400g Tub
    EEG Electrode paste, low impedance highly conductive, specially formulated to stick the electrodes on the skin without additional adhesive disks. Learn More
  6. IMA Gold EEG Flat Ear Clip Electrode
    The gold EEG flat ear clip electrode is 8mm spring loaded flat disk eeg ear clips terminated with a 1.5mm (.060) DIN safety plug. Lead wires approximately 46 inches (116 cm) in length. Gold composition. Learn More
  7. Uni-Gel Electrodes -Self Adhesive - 100 pack
    The T3425 are pre-gelled single use disposable sEMG/ECG electrodes. Ideal for sensitive placements on dry skin. Easy to apply and remove. Learn More
  8. IMA Silver Flat EEG Earclip
    Silver Flat EEG Earclip - 8mm silver flat style spring loaded eeg ear clip sensor. Terminated with a 1.5mm (.060) safety plug. Silver plated EEG leads. Learn More
  9. 3-snap EMG Headband with Snap Sensors
    EMG headband for use with any three snap sEMG lead. Part# SA2306 Learn More
  10. EEG Cup Electrode with SE12 Pellets - 100 pack
    Silver/Silver Chloride EEG pellets and cup electrodes. For use with snap style cable. (J&J SE20). Electrode pellet is approx 8mm in size. Learn More
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